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Andrea is a creative crafter by heart who can be found inspiring others with her beautiful creations at @heartofblooms_, She lives in South Australia with her husband Rob, her daughters Primrose (4) and Daisy (11mo) and their German Shepherd called Indy. She loves slow days at the kitchen table with her kids crafting, playing, and helping them appreciate Mother Natures’ gifts.
What 3 words would you use to describe your family? 

Conscious-minded, creative, and joyful!

What has becoming a mother taught you about yourself?

I think the more your children grow the more you see yourself, ponder yourself, critique yourself, forgive yourself, and hopefully love, accept and appreciate yourself; because how you see and treat yourself is how your children will see and treat themselves and that in itself is the biggest lesson motherhood has taught me. And how to so selflessly give up the last bite of your birthday cake!

Do you have any great daily practices or habits in place as a family? 

We have found sitting down at the dining table for our meals together (and with daddy for dinner) has become a very important ritual for us—fully present without distraction from television or toys. 
We talk about our day, our struggles, fears, excitement, and joys. Participating in this special reconnection time each day has had such a positive impact on us as a family.

How do you nourish yourself as a mother? Walk us through any great self-care or wellness practices you have?
Honestly, I'm still learning! One thing I know for sure is time spent being creative is what fills my cup. Of course, being a mama of two there's not a lot of down-time to spend on my own creative projects right now, but keeping my energy levels up by eating well & getting enough sleep definitely helps...I'm still working on the getting enough sleep part though, I'm such a night owl.
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What does ‘living gently’ mean to you? 

We live gently by being conscious-minded about how we treat our planet, ourselves, and others. We treat people and the planet as we would want to be treated. Treat the planet as if it is your own body and be energetic in your pursuit of sustainable living to evolve a more gentle lifestyle.

We love growing our own food to eat and flowers to pick. Sustainable living has become such a natural way to live for me over the past 10 years but particularly in the last four years since having my children, who will be left with the state of our planet which we create for them.

What’s your favourite child-led learning tip or activity that others can try right away with their little ones? 

Child-led learning is simply about taking note of what interests your child. See what subject are they fixated on at the moment and ask how can you utilise that interest to teach them new things? Humans process information much easier when they are engaged by their own interests.

Any final words of wisdom for other families on a quest to live gently? 

Living gently is a process whereby we learn and grow and continually evolve our gentle footprints. You don't need to live perfectly, you just need to try, to live better, to make a difference. Every small change you can make adds up, and you should be proud of every small change you make.

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