The 5 Vital Steps to Cloth Diaper Success!

Did you know that every baby will have over 5000 diaper changes before they are toilet trained? And what does that mean for you? - Over 5000 opportunities to make a difference!

So, if you are thinking of switching to Cloth Diapers, here are some handy tips, to make your journey an easy and successful one!

    1. Start small, allow yourself to master the basics and get a good routine before you jump right in - as with anything new, it does take a little time to get the hang of things. With Modern Cloth Diapers, you have fitting them, ensuring you have the correct level of absorbency, as well as finding a wash routine that works for you and your lifestyle. By starting slowly, and really finding your groove, you'll be more inclined to keep using Cloth Diapers for daycare, outings to grandma's house and right through the nights.
    2. Really master how to fit your Cloth Diapers - When it comes down to it, Fitting Modern Cloth Diapers should not be any harder than putting on a disposable - you just have to know what you are doing and why! Don’t be afraid to ask your manufacturer or a Cloth Diaper Advocate group for help.
    3. Have a good setup at home - Cloth Diaper changes will just become second nature when you have a good, easy to use setup at home. Make sure you have a good change station with clean Cloth Diapers ready to go, a system for what you do with the soiled cloth diapers, have a place to store dirty Cloth Diapers while waiting to be washed, and a good place to dry them! (see here for some great drying tips!!).
    4. Share the load - You're not in this on your own, so don't forget to teach Dad, Grandma and your daycare how to use Cloth Diapers too! Most of the time they are really willing to join in, they just don't really know what to do!
    5. Make the most of Cloth Nappy Accessories - they are there to help make your job easier! Wet Bags make it really easy for changes when you are not at home by giving you a leak-free, smell-free place to store your dirty diapers until you get home. Bamboo Biodegradable Liners make dealing with #2's really easy, and are a great way to set your Cloth Diapers up for your child's daycare!

So if you're thinking about using Cloth Diapers for your baby, whether its just a few a day, or going full time, its not as hard as you think - master the basics, get a goo routine, and remember - every diaper counts!

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