Best Reusable Diapers in The Organic Baby Awards

The Organic Baby Awards, based in London, UK, is an annual award for the baby industry, celebrating the world’s best organic, eco-friendly and sustainable baby products and brands. And guess what? EcoNaps just won gold for Best Reusable Diaper!

We love that The Organic Baby Awards aren’t affiliated with any magazines, publications, or sponsors. Instead, they offer an unbiased awards system governed by a panel of real parents (and their babies!) as judges to offer a fair evaluation of the best baby products on the market.

So we sent our cloth diaper 2.0 over to the team to be prodded, poked, worn, washed and pooped on to see how it stood up against other eco nappy brands. Saying we were blown away by the positive scores and feedback is an understatement!

Here are some of the glowing comments we received from the real parent panel of judges so you can see for yourself:


“I have been on my cloth diaper journey for almost a year, and by far, these are the best cloth nappies we have used. No leaks, a great fit, and super easy to use. I adored the prints, 10/10 from me.”


“I really liked how soft the inside of the diaper felt; this is important to me as I like to know that my baby is comfortable. Really impressive diapers. I’m a real fan now!”


"I really can’t fault the EcoNaps cloth diaper. It’s been a breeze to use, so easy to clean, and gives the best fit that I have come across. I felt really confident using it as someone new to reusable diapers.”


We were also chuffed when the organisers told us we received some of the best feedback they had seen in the awards this year “not one negative comment!” (especially when this category has a huge amount of competition from other brands). Seriously, wow!

It’s a beautiful reflection of the hard work we’ve put into our EcoNaps products—especially our new and improved cloth diapers 2.0.

We strive to create the easiest and best reusable diapers for today’s modern, planet-conscious families, so we want to thank the The Organic Baby Awards team and judges for recognising that. We’re over the moon to take out the gold award for Best Reusable Diaper in The Organic Baby Awards 2022.

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