5 reasons you’ll love the new cloth diaper 2.0

You know that feedback you give us? We take notes. And our new and improved cloth diaper 2.0 delivers. You wanted…

  • Elastics that last the distance (even after hundreds of wears). 
  • Inserts that won’t curl up around the edges (‘cos, annoying). 
  • Inserts that harmoniously sit within the nappy cover. 
  • An easier way to stuff inserts in…without losing your cool.

We’ve delivered on all of the above and some. Let’s just say our original cloth diaper has had a serious glow up. Here are six reasons you’ll love the new cloth nappy 2.0.

  1. Softer, stretchier & stronger elastics

We know how important durability is in a reusable diaper, so we've introduced a new high-performance elastic that’s proven to withstand hundreds of wears and washes. Plus, it's incredibly soft and stretchy, meaning it won't dig into your baby's delicate skin.  

  1. Smoother anti-wrinkle inserts
Our original inserts would sometimes curl around the edges (if you know, you know). So we've ironed out the kinks (pun intended) by introducing a clever stitching upgrade that will have your inserts sitting smooth and flat after every wash. Perfectionists rejoice! 
  1. Immaculately sized inserts
We've gone to town on quality control by trimming our insert length back a bit (these little rebels had gotten longer over time). This tidy-up means inserts sit flawlessly within each diaper cover—no more awkward overhang.
  1. Pocket design power-up
Bigger hands found it fiddly to stuff inserts inside the pocket (heck, even our petite hands lost patience with a wriggling, wailing baby nearby!). So we've refined the pocket width and length to make executing the pocket-diaper-style effortless for anyone.  
  1. Recycled materials
The diaper 2.0 cover is made from rPET recycled polyester inside and out. This is derived from recycled plastic bottles and diverts single-use plastics from landfill. This fabric is also supremely soft and silky to touch.
  1.  Cushy, cloud-like comfort

When it comes to little tooshies, comfort matters. While we can't reveal all of our design secrets, trust us when we say we’ve made some other thoughtful adjustments to keep your little bundle of joy happier, dryer and comfier than ever before!

Plus, all EcoNaps products are now Certified Plastic Neutral. This means when you purchase any EcoNaps product, you contribute towards preventing over 5 million single-use plastic bottles from entering the ocean by 2024 in collaboration with Plastic Bank.

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