17 Signs You're A Cloth Diaper Addict!

So, your cloth diaper stash seems to be growing faster than your baby? It no longer fits in the draws under the change table or the extra baskets on the shelves, and you're even finding yourself reorganising your prints and colours, in your spare time.

You're even finding yourself telling your husband 'We've had that print for ages, we just don't use it very often!' (secretly knowing you scored it in a sale last week!).

Could it really be true? Read on to see if you're a fellow cloth diaper addict! Don't forget to share with us your score in the comments section below.

1. When you shop for baby clothes, you find yourself styling each item with your cloth diaper prints.

2. Your diaper change bag is more than three times the size as all of everyone else's.

3. You find nothing more satisfying than looking at a freshly laundered, folded pile colour organised pile of cloth diapers.

4. Your babies bottom is always the biggest in the room.

5. Your clothes line always looks like a colourful rainbow.

6. You find at least half of all your conversations with fellow mums are about the benefits of using cloth.

7. You get excited about cloth diaper sales, even though you already own enough cloth diapers to go a week without washing.

8. You develop an unhealthy appreciation for your washing machine.

9. You find yourself wanting to not put pants on your baby, even though its freezing outside, so you can show off how cute his cloth bum looks.

10. You don't worry about when your baby falling over, as you know they have a permanently cushioned bottom.

11. Buying a new cloth diaper has become a payday treat, for you, not your baby.

12. You use the terms fluff and fluffy mail.

13. The money you used to treat yourself to luxurious matching lingerie in your past life, is now spent on cloth diapers.

14. Your baby has a different coloured diaper to match every outfit.

15. You start using the word ‘stash’ in the least Breaking-Bad-way possible.

16. You can’t tell anyone about how much money you saved by using cloth diapers, because you spent it all on new and even more beautiful cloth diapers.

17. After reading this article you can’t help but check out the EcoNaps 'Sale' section for any cool prints you've missed... Thought so!

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