Save $647* with Cloth Diapers

When becoming a new parent every journey is different, but there is one experience that’s universal...changing diapers. But which option is best for you and your baby?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, your little bundle of joy will go through “approximately 3,000 nappies in its first year of life alone and average six diaper changes a day thereafter!” It’s easy to pick up a box of disposables at the supermarket, but we’re here to let you know there are other options. We break it down into bite-sized chunks so that you can confidently choose what nappies will be best for your family.

From the research, let’s assume your baby matches the AAP estimate and will go through 3000 diapers in their first 12 months, and 1095 in the six months following. We’ve whipped out the calculator to do the math.

Based on the price of the cheapest disposable diapers available in supermarkets, your diapers are going to cost around $819 USD in the first year and a half alone. If your baby toilet trains by two and a half years old, you’re looking at spending at least $1,365 USD* on disposable diapers.

Families who opt for full-time use of cloth diapers (both day and night) typically maintain a stash of around 24-30 diapers. For the sake of this cost comparison, let's consider the purchase of 24 reusable cloth diapers at full price*. With EcoNaps, this initial investment would amount to $718* USD upfront. When cared for according to our EcoNaps washing guidelines, these diapers can endure for more than a year.

* These savings are of a general nature, based on advised numbers by the AAP and potential use of EcoNaps cloth nappies if EcoNaps wash and care instructions are adhered to.