How to set up and size cloth diapers

There are two popular cloth diaper styles available and your EcoNaps diaper does both. Our one-size design fits newborn babies through to energetic toddlers from approx. 8lb to 35lb. This guide will show you how to set up your diaper and size it before fitting to bubs. We encourage families to explore and trial both set ups to see what works best for you and your little one.


Step 1: Choose diaper style

All in two - inserts are snapped onto the diaper cover.

Pocket diaper - inserts are stuffed into the diaper pocket.

Step 2: Size the cover

Adjust the leg elastics to get the right size:

Small - snap to the highest button

Medium - snap to the middle button

Large - no need to snap any size buttons

If you are using size Small or Medium, tuck the extra elastic up.


Step 3: Add inserts

Choose the absorption level:

Small insert only - great for newborns using a diaper size small

Large insert only folded over - extra absorption for boys, heavy wetters using diaper size small

Both inserts - great for nighttime or heavy wetters for more absorption at all sizes. 

Now you’re ready to fit the diaper onto bubs.

Demo video: How to size your EcoNaps Cloth Diaper