Cloth nappy boosters: What are they and when should I use them?

Our extra insert sets and boosters are made of the same eco-friendly fibres as our standard inserts and fit seamlessly with your EcoNaps cloth nappies. 

They are great for overnight nappy-use and can stop leaky nappies in their tracks. If your bubs is a heavy wetter, boosters will be an essential cloth nappy accessory for you. 

If you nappies are leaking, and you’ve checked the fit is perfect, you may need to add some boosters to your stash for extra protection. Learn more about minimising cloth nappy leaks here. 

At EcoNaps, we offer four different booster kits that will help keep bubs dry and comfortable in any situation. 

 Convertible Bamboo Insert Kit

Best for rainy day backups. 

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This booster kit includes 4x of the standard convertible sets that come with your modern cloth nappies. You get 8x individual inserts to snap-in as you need. It’s the perfect kit if you already have some of our nappies, but want to add some additional inserts to your stash. Because our cloth nappy inserts are super thirsty, they can take a little longer to dry, but this kit will make sure you always have backup inserts ready to go—even on rainy days. 

“Great buy, so handy to have extra inserts!”   - Anna P


“These are hands down my favourite inserts. I find them super thirsty without being bulky, and they fit into other shells if need be.” - Felicity M


Hourglass Bamboo Booster Kit

Best for slim fitting extra absorption with heavy wetters. 

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This pack includes 6x hourglass-shaped boosters. They’re made from highly absorbent and soft bamboo fibre and add three layers of extra absorption—great for heavy wetters. The hourglass shape is contoured for a slim fit a maximum absorbency.  Layer them underneath your existing inserts for additional protection.

“So glad I brought them. I only started doing cloth nappies overnight when I received the boosters in the mail. I love them so much. I use them folded at the front of my twin boys’ nappies, and we have no more leaking problems.” - Hannah R.


Bamboo Tri-Fold Night Booster Kit

Best for ultra heavy wetters and overnight use. 

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This booster kit includes 4x trifold bamboo boosters. They’re slim fitting yet super absorbent and will help your little one sleep through the night. Made with sustainable bamboo and organic cotton, each booster is double-layered and folds into thirds to offer six extra layers of absorption. Simply layer them under your existing cloth nappy combo at night. These boosters will help you catch a few extra zzz’s with less overnight nappy changes. Because they fold out, they are also quicker to dry than some other inserts.

“My daughter had to sleep in disposables at night because she could wet through a cloth nappy with both inserts in 4-5 hours but the night boosters have been a lifesaver! We go the whole night without wetting through or needing a nappy change! Highly recommend to anyone considering adding the final piece to their cloth nappy collection.”  - Helen J
“We were having some leaking issues at night with my 2-month-old son wetting through his nappy. I bought some trifolds to see if they helped and they are so thirsty! No more night leaks, no more pyjama, cocoon and sheet changes in the middle of the night these have really saved the day. Just saving up to buy more so I have enough for all of my night nappies."- Mikayla W.


Mixed Bamboo Booster Kit

Best for versatility.  

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If you know you want some extra absorption, but don’t know what boosters to buy, this kit is your perfect start. It has 4x hourglass boosters and 2x trifold night boosters to give you plenty of options and versatility. Once you know what you like and what works for bubs, you can then go ahead and buy more hourglass or trifold boosters to suit. 

Now that you know what cloth nappy boosters do, you can add the right ones to help you reduce nappy leaks and keep bubs dry and happy for longer. If you have any questions about cloth nappy boosters get in touch. We are here to help.

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