Must-have cloth nappy accessories & reviews from eco mammas

Must-have accessories to start your cloth nappy journey
  1. Wet bags

    Wet bags are our number one accessory for any cloth nappy parent. Wet bags are your new best friend to transport nappies on the go. Our EcoNaps wet bags are made of the same waterproof fabric as our nappy covers; they’re reusable, leak-resistant, odour containing, and can be tossed into the wash with your nappies after use. Their snap hook also makes them easy to clip onto a pram or stroller. Carry them everywhere, and you’ll never be caught out with a dirty nappy on your hands. Shop here.

    “The premium wet-bag is a great size. The two sections allow me to separate wet and dry items, and the bag is large enough that I can carry my bub's nappies, clothing and towel all at once” - Kylie W.

    “This wet bag is amazing, it's super roomy in the front so I can store a change mat, a few nappies, wipes and my phone and keys! I no longer need a nappy bag, plus I've received so many compliments on the gorgeous design.” - Katrina W.

    “It's a great size. I keep a fresh set of clothes in it at all times. It travels neatly inside my bub's main bag. The second pocket is great for stashing the dirty nappies and clothes, as well as any other icky items I might need to keep away from everything else. Definitely recommend this wet bag.” - Ashlie W.

  2. Basket for dirty nappies (aka a diaper pail or nappy bin)

    You’re going to need somewhere to put your dirty cloth nappies before washing. There are a bunch of over-the-top nappy bins available, but honestly, the best option is a simple laundry basket. Why? Because airflow helps prevent the build-up of bacteria in nasty humid conditions, which equals less smell. 

  3. Bamboo wipes
  • As an eco-conscious parent, reusable wipes will already be on your radar. Our reusable bamboo wipes are super soft and absorbent to keep bubs’ bottom happy. Keep a stash in bubs’ bedroom at the change station, beside the bathtub and in your nappy bag. You can keep a spray bottle of water and baby-safe essential oils nearby to moisten wipes as you go, or some parents put them in a container with water to use as needed each day. Shop here.

               “Best wipes ever, I love how soft they are” - Erin F.

“Silky soft. I love these wipes! They’re super gentle on sensitive skin. I’ve washed them a few times since purchasing, and they continually come out like new.” - Samantha A.

  1. Travel change mat

    Babies always seem to know when you’re underprepared; this is why we love having a travel change mat ready at all times. You will always have a pleasant landing spot for those emergency nappy changing moment. EcoNaps travel change mats offer a soft and protective barrier to use on public change facilities like shopping centres, the car boot, or anywhere you need and will keep to bubs safe.  Keep one in the glove box of your car or your baby bag. 

    “The bamboo is super soft on the opposite side, and the print is gorgeous and vibrant. I love that it rolls up small, which is ideal for taking on our international flight.” - Fem M.

  2. Bamboo nursing pads

    If you’re a breastfeeding mother, these reusable nursing pads are helpful to have on hand for leaky boobs. They’re super soft and feature some of our favourite cloth nappy prints - because we can look cute underneath our clothes. 

    “Amazing breast pads. These are fantastic. So soft and soo absorbent, unlike other kinds I’ve tried. Really great quality and fairly quick dry time. Not too thick so nice and discreet still.” - Hazel C. 

Accessories to add to your collection as bub grows

  1. Extra inserts (aka boosters)

    The inserts that come with your cloth nappy are already super thirsty, but as bubs grow and their bladder size increases, so will their wees. If you are using cloth nappies overnight and start getting leaks, a booster will offer extra absorption to keep bubs dryer for longer too. Explore what booster is right for your needs here. Shop here.

    “I bought these boosters as my daughter had leaks. The extra support has put us at ease. They feel lovely and fit perfectly.” - Elle W

  2. Cloth nappy liners

    Our mess-free bamboo liners are great if you’re worried about dealing with number twos. They are helpful once you get past the runny newborn poo stage and are starting on solids (usually from 4-6 months). Made from 100% biodegradable bamboo viscose they resemble a very thin paper towel and go on top of the nappy insert before fitting it to bubs. When it’s time to change the nappy, just peel off the liner and dispose of the poo. Shop here.

    “These liners are the best I've used. They are so soft, and they are the perfect size for all of my MCNs (a few different brands). Love them!” - Rhiannon S.

There you have it, our five must-have accessories to start your cloth nappy journey. Shop all EcoNaps cloth nappy accessories here and don’t forget to check out the clearance section as we often have cloth nappy accessories on sale too.

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