33 Ways With Wet Bags, Beyond Cloth Nappies

Wet bags are one accessory your child will never grow out of. These handy waterproof bags are not only essential for any cloth nappy parent, they can be used for 1001 different things. 

Trust us when we say that once you introduce them into your life, you’ll soon wonder how you lived without wet bags. Here’s a list of 33 common and creative ways to use a wet bag from real eco parents.

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The usual suspects
  1. Cloth nappies
    Yep, our wet bag’s original purpose is to store cloth nappies and make them easy to carry with you anywhere. But this is just the beginning...
  2. Swim nappies
    With their waterproof fabric, our wet bags are perfect for a day at the beach or a trip to swimming class.
Other ways to use wet bags for kids
  1. Stroller bag
    The snap-on clips on our EcoNaps wet bags make them easy to attach to your pram or stroller. Simply pick your size and pack with whatever you need to roll out the door with.
  2. Snacks
    Throw-in any snacks for your little ones and know they’ll stay fresh until it’s time to devour them *which won’t take long*! 
  3. Colouring pens and pencils
    Our EcoNaps wet bags are perfect as a pencil case at home or at school. Let your kids pick out their own favourite print from our range.
  4. Duplo & lego
    If the Duplo or Lego collection is rapidly expanding in your home, make pack-up time a whole lot easier with a large wet bag or two. Hello sweet organisation. 
  5. Change of clothes
    No matter what age your child or children are, you’ll always be grateful you’re carrying a spare set of clothes for spills and accidents. Hint...especially handy when toilet training.
  6. Daycare
    Make using cloth nappies at daycare easier by packing two wet bags for your educators—one for clean and one for dirty cloth nappies. Learn more about using cloth nappies at daycare here. 
  7. Dummies
    A small wet bag is perfect to stash dummies and keep them from rolling around in the dust at the bottom of your handbag or nappy bag. 
  8. Bottles & formula
    Keep bottles and formula contained at home or away with a wet bag. A wet bag will keep everything clean and tidy until you need to use them, and when you’re done, toss them back in and any leaks will be contained til it’s time to wash.
Adult uses for wet bags
  1. Breast pumps
    Keep your breast pumps in this safe, hygienic place between sessions *rather than lying around in some random draw*. Plus it will be ready for you to go if you need to pump while out and about. 
  2. Nursing pads
    A small wet bag will keep your breast pads clean and is discreet enough to pop into any handbag. 
  3. Makeup bag
    Our mid-size wet bag is the perfect size for all of your makeup and skincare needs. They’re awesome for travel too and keep your handbag makeup residue free. 
  4. Toiletry bag
    Toothbrushes, toothpaste and body wash are happy at home or away in a spill proof wet bag. 
  5. Menstrual cups
    Make storing your monthly mooncup a pretty experience with a beautiful printed wet bag—our small size is the perfect fit. 
  6. Gym bag
    Pack your drink bottle, deodorant, and a change of clothes and you can jump out of your sweaty gym gear into something fresh before heading home. 
Art and music festivals
Whether camping out overnight or visiting for the day, wet bags are perfect size so you never lose the important things like sunscreen and lip balm—even toss in your biodegradable glitter if that’s your jam *or it gets everywhere right!* 
  1. Splashproof wallet
    Want something discreet and waterproof? Our small wet bags will do the trick. Plus you can snap them into or onto any bag or belt loop so you never lose it! 
  2. Sex toys and lube
    A wet bag is a discreet way to store any adult fun in the bedroom or beyond. No one needs to know what’s inside! 
  3. Crafts and hobbies
    Whether you’re into knitting or surfing, a wet bag can keep those little accessories you need neat and tidy until you’re ready to go. 
Creative ways to use wet bags around the home
  1. Electronic accessories
    Give those charger cords, spare wall plugs, and other electronic accessories lingering about a cute wet bag as a home. They’ll be safe from little hands there too. 
  2. Kitchen accessories
    Little measuring cups, cookie cutters, and odd attachments can stay neat and tidy inside a wet bag. 
  3. Laundry bag
    Hook one on the back of the kid’s bedroom doors, or use one in the bathroom to keep dirty laundry off the floor *hooray*. 
  4. Bath toys
    Dangle one in the bath and stash bath toys inside. Just make sure to wash it regularly so it doesn’t stay damp and attract mould.
  5. Medicines
    Keep medicine out of reach of little ones and easy to grab when you need it. 
  6. Ice pack
    When you need it, toss a few ice cubes inside a wet bag and apply to bumps and bruises as you need them.
Ways to use wet bags on the go
  1. Beach bag
    Not only are wet bags great for swimmers and togs, but they’re also perfect for those sandy beach accessories like balls, frisbees, buckets and spades too. 
  2. Garbage bag
    Contain smells and mess in a wet bag until you find a rubbish bin. Perfect for road trips with little ones and all of their snack scraps and rubbish.
You could use wet bags in a million ways when out camping. They make great laundry bags and snacks bags. You can even store cutlery, torches and lighters, sunscreen and bug spray—so you’re never left rummaging around for those important essentials again. 
  1. First aid kit
    Keep a small wet bag in the car or in your handbag to store essential first aid supplies like band-aids and antiseptic. 
  2. Picnics
    Make a day at the park more organised with wet bags for cutlery, snacks, napkins and whatever else you need for a relaxing picnic.  
  3. Snow trips
    Those winter gloves *why does one always go missing?*, beanies, and scarves can be stored away for your next skiing or snowboarding trip in one of our larger wet bags. If they’re still damp after your trip, simply pack them back in a wet bag to wash and dry out when you get home.  
  4. Motion sickness
    If someone in your family is prone to motion sickness, a sealable wet bag could be the perfect companion to conceal any accidents until you get to your destination. It’s a little bit gross, but also very practical.  

When it comes to wet bag uses, simply imagine all of the things you may have traditionally thrown into a plastic bag; swimmers, wet clothes, gym gear, craft supplies and replace all of those uses with a wet bag. This is an eco-friendly and reusable alternative that you’ll use for many years to come. Over to you! What do you use your wet bags for beyond cloth nappies?

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