Cloth Diaper Guides

Getting started with cloth diapers

Choosing the right diapers and accessories can be a little overwhelming to begin. Here’s how to build your cloth diaper stash so that you can start using cloth diapers on your little one.‎‎

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How to wash diapers

Cleaning cloth diapers is easy — no soaking, scrubbing, or special detergents required. Follow our simple 4-step washing guide to achieve perfectly clean cloth diapers every time.‎‎


Our modern, versatile diaper design offers two options in one diaper so you can see what works best for you and bubs. Learn how to set up and size your diaper before fitting to bubs.‎‎

how to Setup & size cloth diapers >

Achieving the perfect fit can take a little practice, but getting this right will help minimise leaks and keep your baby comfy and happy. Learn how to fit your modern cloth diaper in 6 simple steps.‎‎

HOW TO FIT CLOTH diapers >

Inserts and boosters help increase absorbency, reduce leaks and keep bubs dry and comfortable for longer. Find helpful tips to make choosing the right booster kit a breeze in this guide.‎‎


Cloth diaper leaks & troubleshooting‎‎

You don’t have to tolerate leaky diapers, and the good news is, they can be fixed with a few simple tricks. Follow our step by step guide to diagnose and reduce cloth diaper leaks.‎‎


Downloadable Guides

Make it even easier for your household or child carers to use cloth diapers with confidence. Our free downloadable and printable guides make washing and fitting cloth diapers a piece of cake.‎‎

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