4 Minimal Cloth Nappy Storage Ideas + Real Life Inspo

A new baby brings bundles of cuteness into your home, but they also come with a lot of stuff. Think clothes, toys, and of course, cloth nappies. Knowing how to store cloth nappies in a way that is functional and clutter free is essential.

Luckily there are plenty of easy ways to store your cloth nappies. Here are 4 cloth nappy storage ideas from real EcoNaps families that will keep your minimal home beautiful. Even when your little one has grown out of nappies, you can reuse these multi-functional items and minimise waste.

 Chest of drawers 

Keep cloth nappies out of sight in a chest of drawers. Draw dividers help separate covers, inserts, wipes and other accessories for bubs for the ultimate in organisation. Pop a change mat or basket on top for an instant change station. This classic solution doubles as storage for your child’s clothes in years to come. Hot tip! Secure your set of drawers to the wall for safety—especially when your little one is on the move. 

 Shelving with baskets 

Open shelving makes a beautiful impression in any bedroom. All you need to do is pop a change mat on top and select some beautiful woven baskets underneath. Later in life, use the shelves for storing toys or books.

Cloth Nappy Storage - EcoNaps

"I find that it makes life so much easier (particularly those 2am changes) for both me and my partner when I have an organised 'nappy station'. Everything including our cloth nappies ready to go, all in the one spot and always stocked up when starting to get low on any supplies!"

- Luci E

 Hanging storage

If you have a small space, go vertical! Wall hooks with hanging baskets make excellent cloth nappy hideaways. Use one basket to hold cloth nappies, and another for wipes and creams. Keep them near the change table and simply top up daily. Spare hooks can be used to hang a wet bag for dirty nappies (making them easy to transport to the laundry), or an outfit change (when unexpected spills strike)!  

Change caddy on wheels 

If you have a tight space to work with or want to move around the home, this is the perfect storage solution for you. With everything you need on wheels, you can change nappies in the bedroom, bathroom or anywhere! A small trolley (like this IKEA caddy) tucks away discreetly almost anywhere. When your little one has grown out of cloth nappies, you can repurpose this trolley for nearly anything around the home.


Cloth Nappy Storage - EcoNaps
Over to you!

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