6 Design Features Of A Modern Cloth Nappy

6 design features you’ll find with an EcoNaps modern cloth nappy.
1. One-size design
We have designed an adjustable one-size cloth nappy so you don’t need to worry about what size to choose. Our cloth nappies are made to fit from tiny newborn babies through to busy toddlers from approx 3.5 to 16kg. This means you can use one nappy for your little one's entire nappy wearing years which is not only economical, it’s better for the planet too.
2. Snap button fastenings

Our easy-to-use snap buttons on the nappy cover make for fast nappy changes and simple size adjustments. They adjust at the waist and front to be sized from x-small through to large to grow with your baby. And it’s incredibly easy to resize when you need to.

3. Complete nappy set

When you buy an EcoNaps MCN, you get everything you need in the one package. Our nappies come with 1x modern cloth nappy cover (sometimes called a shell) and 1x bamboo insert set. Each insert set contains 1x long foldable insert and 1x small snap-in insert so you’re ready to get started with cloth nappies right away and don’t have to feel overwhelmed with what to choose. 

4. Five built-in absorption settings

Our various nappy absorption settings are made to handle light or heavy loads. Our nappies come with two soft and absorbent bamboo inserts that can be used in five ways to get the perfect level of protection and comfort. We also sell additional inserts and booster kits.

5. Two styles in one

Our nappies can be set up two ways. The first is as a pocket nappy where the insert is stuffed into the nappy pocket and the stay-dry suede layer is next to bubs’ skin. The second style is an all-in-two nappy where the inserts are snapped onto the nappy cover and sit directly against bubs’ skin. These options give you the ability to experiment and choose the best set up for your little one. 

6. Beautiful prints
Our minimal prints are hand-designed in Byron Bay Australia and made to suit your lifestyle. These timeless designs are printed on a high quality waterproof PUL that maintains the integrity of the print. This means they will look as beautiful after many many wears as the day you got them.
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Head over to our learn section to find our modern cloth nappy guides to help you build confidence, discover tricks, and learn how to use and care for cloth nappies with ease. 


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