6 tips for zero waste with baby

The zero-waste baby movement is about eliminating or significantly reducing waste. Here are 6 tips to move you closer to a zero-waste lifestyle.

The zero-waste baby movement is about eliminating or significantly reducing anything that creates waste. Think disposable nappies, single-use plastic food pouches, shampoo bottles, disposable wipes and plastic toys. Here are some tips to move you closer to embracing a zero-waste lifestyle.

Zero Waste Cloth Nappy by Econaps
  1. Less is more

    The easiest way to reduce waste is to consume less. Ask if you need to buy all of the latest eco-friendly items, or can you make do with something you already own or can source second hand? Honestly, you probably don’t need that baby wipe warmer (unless you’re in arctic climates) or that fancy baby shampoo (gentle eco-friendly soap will do the job).
  2. Choose reusable baby products over disposables
    Choosing modern cloth nappies and reusable wipes will significantly reduce plastic waste in landfill and lower your impact on the environment. Shop our sustainable reusable nappies here and soft reusable wipes here.
  3. Share your intentions with friends and family
    For baby showers, birthdays and special occasions for bubs, instead of accumulating lots of presents destined for landfill, consider asking for nothing at all. If that seems a little harsh, ask for vouchers (so you can choose what you really need) or recommend wooden gifts instead of plastic.
  4. Curb food waste

    Babies are fussy little things, and when they start solids, a lot of food can end up wasted. Freeze uneaten fruit and veg to put into a smoothie later and start with smaller portions until you know what they love and loathe. Also, avoid pre-packaged baby food in disposable packaging and make your own in reusable jars instead. 
  5. Buy clothes second hand

    You’ll be surprised at how many great quality baby clothes can be found at second-hand shops. Many families get gifted so much that their baby never gets a chance to wear clothes before they’ve grown out of them. This is a win for you! 
  6. Start small
    You don’t have to do it all at once. Commit to conscious purchases that involve zero waste for a specific timeframe like three months. Not only will you learn a lot in this time, but you’ll also be able to decide how to best continue your zero waste baby journey. 

Reusable cloth Nappy by EcoNapsRemember progress is better than perfection. If you pause before you purchase and choose mindfully, you’ll be on your way to zero waste living with a baby. 

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