How To Use Cloth Nappies at Daycare

Cloth nappies are becoming increasingly common amongst modern daycare centres. When you’re ready to send your little one to daycare, here’s what you need to know about using cloth nappies to make it a seamless process for everyone involved.
Eco Naps | How To use Cloth Nappies At Daycare
1. Check with your child care provider

The first step as a parent is to check if your daycare accepts cloth nappies. Every centre is different. Rules will be based on state health guidelines and the policy of each individual childcare centre.   If your chosen daycare is happy to use cloth nappies (and the good news is so many of them are these days), all you need to do is prepare them for your child to take in their backpack.  Here’s how to use cloth nappies at daycare. 


Eco Naps | How To Use Cloth Nappies At Daycare
2. Prepare nappies in advance

Just as you would at home, prepare each nappy as if you’re about to fit it to bubs. That means setting the leg snaps to the right size and snapping on or stuffing in the inserts. Many parents also add a disposable nappy liner so poo can be easily disposed of at daycare (check with your centre on their preferences too).


Eco Naps | How To Use Cloth Nappies At Daycare
3. Pack enough cloth nappies

Consider how many nappies your little ones use in a day, plus add a couple of spares so the educators are never caught out. We recommend packing 6-8 nappies for a day at daycare.


Eco Naps | How To Use Cloth Nappies At Daycare
4. Pack two (or more) wet bags

Put two wet bags in your little one’s backpack; one for clean nappies, one for soiled nappies. We recommend our Day Tripper Wet Bag for daycare use; it’s trim fit slips easily into a school bag. Don’t forget to label each wet bag clearly. Some carers may like two dirty wet bags (one for wee, one for poo) so they don’t have to reopen the pooey one all day. It’s that easy!


Eco Naps | How To Use Cloth Nappies At Daycare
If you have your heart set on using cloth nappies at daycare— whether for personal, economic, or environmental reasons—you can find a centre that supports your decision. You’ll just need to find out what the daycare centre specific requirements are. With a little preparation, it can be a simple experience for everyone. 
It’s a great idea to show your child care provider how you use cloth nappies in person, or you can print out our simple fit guide. Simply pop it in your child’s bag so that all staff members have the confidence to use cloth. Download here >
Experiences from parents who use cloth nappies at daycare 

“We send cloth nappies pre-snapped and lined with a wet bag for dirty ones. I also sent a picture to the educators to show the tightness setting.”

“We provide nappies with liners already in them and they pop the used ones in the wet bag.”

“Talk to them from the start and offer a demo if needed. My daycare was very on board.”

“I take 6 a day and a wet bag”

“You just need to be organised. My centre is very happy to do it for me.”

“I printed and laminated two fit guides that they put in the change rooms for guidance.”

“No problem at all! They even commented on how easy it was to fit our EcoNaps.”

“I send two big wet bags, one with a clean and one with a dirty tag and individual mini wet bags for dirty nappies.”

“We were the only cloth bum in the room, and they were very eager to learn and support.” 

“We had to search through a few until we found a daycare that accepted them. Glad we did.”

Experiences from child care educators

“As a childcare educator, it’s definitely harder to use cloth nappies for a child unless the whole team is on board, knows how to use them, and the parents have provided enough clean nappies everyday. I wish they were more commonly used and understood”

“I work in a centre where maybe 40% of our babies are cloth bums! It’s second nature to us.”

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