Introducing our recycled accessory range

Sustainability has been a core value at EcoNaps since the beginning. Our reusable products have already helped drastically reduce single-use plastic from landfills, and now they’re even more eco friendly.

The wet bags, change mats, and nursing pads you love, are now made with recycled plastic bottles (rPET). This means they will stop even more plastic waste from harming our beautiful planet. 

Here’s how many plastic bottles our products divert from landfill
  • Change mat - made from 6 water bottles
  • Small wet bag - made from 1 water bottles
  • Mid wet bag - made from 2 water bottles
  • Day tripper wet bag - made from 6 water bottles
  • Overnighter wet bag - made from 8 water bottles 
  • Nursing pad set - made from 2 water bottles

Using rPET in our products is one solution to help the plastic pollution problem. It’s not perfect (we’d rather a world without plastic), but if we can reduce our environmental impact and help you make more mindful choices, that’s a great start. 

Learn more about rPET and how we turn trash into your favourite EcoNaps goodies here.

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