It’s Time To Ditch The Disposable Baby Wipes

Pre-packaged wet wipes may seem cheap and convenient, but they come at a huge cost to the environment. To help more families make the switch to reusables, we’ve put together a practical guide answering how to use reusable baby wipes. 

The environmental cost

Most disposable wipes are made up of PET and cellulose, aka plastic, which doesn't break down. Micro-plastics are flooding our oceans and causing long-term problems for our marine-based friends who ingest them. 

The cost to the community

While some disposable wipes claim to be 'flushable', that's almost never true (it's a marketing and legal loophole). Wipes block sewers which can lead to public health issues amongst other problems. 

Plus the cost of repairs can actually end up increasing household water bills. Google ‘fatbergs’ to see the ugly impact flushing disposable wipes has on our sewers.

So how do you use reusable baby wipes?

As with all things baby-related you will find a personal preference that works for your household. But to get the ball rolling, here are two of the most common ways to use reusable wipes at home.

1. Wet as you go

Use a spray bottle (but seriously any bottle the holds liquid will do) and wet wipes as you need them. 

2. Pre-wet

Pre-wet enough wipes for a single days use and pop them in a reusable container to grab as needed. We don’t recommend keeping more than a days’ worth wet, as they will start to smell a little funky. 

What’s your favourite solution to use for cloth wipes?

Good old fashioned water will do the trick. However, some families like to create nice smelling homemade solutions or mix water with a touch of mild baby soap—the choice is yours. 

How do you use reusable wipes when out and about? 

Carry a spray bottle, a thermos, or any reusable water bottle to dampen your wipes on the go. Alternatively, pre-wet a few wipes before you head off and keep them in a waterproof wet bag until you need them. 

Tips from our customers

“We keep an easy push-to-open thermos on the change table to wet the wipes as we need them. We just use plain water and use warm water for our newborn when the weather is cold.”

“We have a pop-open container with water in it and dip the wipes in as needed.”

“I have a little pump bottle with distilled water and a touch of Castile soap—works wonders!”

Make the switch today

This is your invitation to ditch the disposables and opt for reusable cloth wipes instead. Give our EcoNaps reusable bamboo wipes a try. They’re made from gentle and absorbent fibres, feel super soft on bubs’ skin, and are an eco-friendly alternative to disposables.

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