What to pack for a day or night away with cloth nappies

With the holiday season just around the corner, there’s bound to be fun day adventures or overnight getaways on the agenda for you and your family. Find out how to pack the right amount of cloth nappies and accessories to keep bubs dry and happy.

Packing cloth nappies for a day away 

Whether you’re off to the in-laws for Christmas lunch or meeting friends for a day by the sea, like doing anything with bubs, you need to pack for the occasion. Here’s tips on what cloth nappies and accessories you’ll need to take for a day away from home.

Cloth Nappies x 8-10

We always suggest packing a little more than you think, but adjust this to suit your little one.

Day tripper wet bag x 1-2

This is the perfect size wet bag to hold 8-10 cloth nappies. It boasts two separate compartments to keep unused and used cloth nappies and wipes apart. Or pack two wet bags and keep one for clean things, one for dirty. 

Mid wet bag x 1

Hold all the little bits and pieces a baby needs for a day away with our mid wet bag.

Portable change mat x1

An easy to roll up change mat is a must to help bubs enjoy clean and comfy nappy changes—anytime, anyplace.

Cloth wipes x 8-10+

Ideally have at least 1x reusable wipe for every nappy change, and maybe more for impromptu spills and spews!

Packing cloth nappies for an overnight getaway 

Summer equals adventure. If you’re heading on an overnight camping trip or whisking the family to a beautiful airbnb for a mini break, you don’t want to leave your cloth nappy essentials behind.  Here’s what cloth nappies and accessories you’ll need to pack to use cloth nappies for an overnight trip.

Cloth nappies x 16-18

Pack enough for two days and one night. Adjust this number to suit your baby.

Boosters and inserts x 2-3

Boosters will help keep your little one dry and comfortable throughout the night. Our Tri-Fold Night Booster is our fave for overnight use. With six layers of absorbency when folded, it will help reduce nappy changes and give you more sleep. 

Overnighter wet bag x 1-2

This is the perfect size wet bag to stack 16-18 cloth nappies in two neat rows. It features two separate compartments to keep clean and dirty cloth nappies separated with ease. However many families will pack two wet bags—one for clean and one for dirty nappies.

Day tripper wet bag x 1

Packing another wet bag to hold any cloth nappy extras bubs will need for a night away is always a good idea. Our day tripper can easily hold spare inserts and boosters, reusable wipes, a water bottle to dampen wipes, and so much more!

Portable change mat x 1

A travel change mat is a must-have for families on the 
move. Designed to fit any standard change table and easy to roll up and stash in your baby bag, busb will have a comfy and hygienic spot for nappy changes wherever you go.

Cloth wipes x 16-20+

We recommend packing a least 1x reusable wipe for every nappy change, and ideally a few more for impromptu messes.

How to store dirty cloth nappies when away from home

This is the most common question families have when using cloth nappies when out of the home, and the answer is simple! Store used nappies in a wet bag which acts as your temporary nappy pail while travelling. Then all you need to do is wash them when you get home. 

Some parents like to use two wet bags for dirty nappies, one for wee and one for poo. This means when you open them you don't have to smell poop each time. That could be an option for you! 

And just note, that if you’re away for more than one night you will want to run a rinse wash cycle on the nappies daily, but we’ll save our tips for a holiday with cloth nappies for another blog.

Travel tips from cloth nappy families
"Don't panic if your wash routine isn't perfect while away! One slip up doesn't hurt them." - Steph


"Lots and lots for good wet bags are essential!" - Chloe


"Dryer or heater for the 'nappy BBQ' as we call it!!"- Emma

"Wet bags, access to warm water to wash off poo & access to a washing machine every 2-3 days" - Launa

 "Washing machine, s/s sock hanger and extra pegs, wet bags, poo scraper, detergent + strucket! - Callie

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