How to choose boosters and inserts

Inserts and boosters are a great addition to your cloth diaper stash. They help increase absorbency and make cloth diapers even more versatile. If bubs’ diapers are leaking or not lasting through the night, boosters are your new best friend. This guide will help you choose the right EcoNaps set to keep bubs dry and comfortable.  

Convertible Bamboo Insert Kit

Best for rainy day backups. 

This booster kit includes 4x standard convertible sets that come with your modern cloth diapers (so you get 8x individual inserts in total). It’s the perfect kit if you already have EcoNaps diapers. This kit will ensure sure you always have backup inserts ready to go, even on rainy days.  

Mixed Bamboo Booster Kit

Best for versatility.  

If you know you want extra absorption, but don’t know what boosters to buy, this kit is your perfect start. It has 4x hourglass boosters and 2x trifold night boosters to give you plenty of options and versatility. Once you know what style you prefer and have tested what works for bubs, you can add more hourglass or trifold boosters to your stash. 

Hourglass Bamboo Booster Kit

Best for heavy wetters. 

This kit includes 6x hourglass-shaped boosters made from highly absorbent and soft bamboo fibre. Each booster adds three layers of extra absorption making them great for heavy wetters. The hourglass shape is contoured for a slim fit making them easy to layer under existing inserts for maximum absorbency.  

Bamboo Tri-Fold Night Booster Kit

Best for ultra heavy wetters and overnight use. 

This booster kit includes 4x trifold bamboo boosters. They’re slim fitting yet super absorbent and will help your little one stay dry through the night (so you can catch some extra zzz’s). Made with sustainable bamboo and organic cotton, each booster is double-layered and folds into thirds to offer six layers of absorption. Simply layer them under your existing cloth nappy combo at night. Because they fold out, they are also quicker to dry than some other inserts.

Demo Video: How to boost cloth diapers for night times

So you've got the day time sussed with your Convertible Cloth Diapers, and now you're wondering what it take for them to get your baby through the night! This Demo will take you step by step through each different absorption option, so you can easily work out what will be the best for your baby at night!