Modern Cloth Diaper Demo Videos

Get to know your modern cloth diaper

Wondering what each set of snaps do, and what insert to use when in your new EcoNaps cloth diaper? Let us take you on a grand tour. We’ll show you all the special features so you can get to know your modern cloth diaper. Watch video >


How to size your modern cloth diaper

Your EcoNaps cloth diaper is a very versatile little thing. The innovative design is what we call a one-size-fits-most. This means it grows as your baby does so you don’t need to worry about purchasing different sizes, clever huh? Let us show you how to side your modern cloth diaper. Watch video >


How to fit your cloth diaper on a newborn baby

Whether you’re learning to put on a cloth diaper, a disposable diaper or even a onesie for that matter, getting anything onto a newborn can be a fiddly task at first. Don’t be hard on yourself, just like any new skill practice makes perfect and we’ve got a few pointers to help you on your way. Watch video >


How to use cloth diapers at night

EcoNaps cloth diapers are not just for day time use, they’re easy to use for nights too! Depending on how much your baby wets through the night you may need some extra absorption booking, and we will show you how to get that perfect level of night time protection to make sure your cloth diapers worries aren’t keeping you up at night. Watch video >


Tips to use cloth diapers for tummy sleepers & heavy wetting boys

If your baby is sleeping through the night (go you!) the downside is your cloth diapers are getting wetter than usual due to the extra time on bubs. Boys and tummy sleepers are also more likely load up the front of their cloth diaper overnight leading to absorption issues. But there are some simple ways to keep bub dryer for longer. Watch video >


Tips to use cloth diapers to catch explosive newborn poo

As cute and innocent as newborns are, they really know how to make a mess! If you’re experiencing the wonders of the explosive newborn poo, don’t despair! We’ve got a few handy tricks you can apply to your modern cloth diaper that will slow down that landslide and help minimize the mess. Watch video >