Welcome to our EcoNaps x Plastic Free Mermaid limited edition collaboration.

We are thrilled to be working with Kathryn Nelson aka Plastic Free Mermaid, who quit single-use plastics in 2009 and who has been spreading her natural way of living ever since. An activist, author, and adventurer—Kathryn has led a career of change making. Once she became a mother to her son Rainer, her tune had changed to protecting the next generation and offering parents more sustainable solutions!

Lovingly designed in Australia by Victoria McGrane in collaboration with the Plastic Free Mermaid, these captivating prints will capture your child's imagination and inspire them to discover the wonders of our beloved ocean. We are all responsible for reducing plastic pollution and protecting our oceans for the creatures that call them home — this beautiful collection reminds us of that. By choosing reusable diapers instead of single-use plastics, you're taking a significant step towards preserving our environment for future generations.

We hope this collection inspires you to join us in the mission to protect our oceans so that every child can grow up to appreciate and explore their natural beauty.